About Shannon, Stephanie & How We Coach Parents

Who We Are

I really can’t stand watching 3 to 12 year old kids boss their parents around, throwing tantrums in public, and yelling and screaming non-stop to get their way. I mean…as a parent and a coach, it really, really makes me cringe and gets under my skin.

Frankly, it’s not the defiant children’s fault…they don’t know how to behave on their own, and they’ll push your buttons as much and as often as you let them. And if you’re like most parents, no one taught you what to do to take charge. So, your response is to yell back, threaten, ineffectively punish, and probably pull your hair out in frustration.

You can read book after book or listen to endless audios on the subject. Or you may resort to unnecessary, very costly in-office therapy. All that can leave you with huge out-of-pocket expenses, lack of privacy and convenience, possible mental health diagnoses that can stay with your child for a lifetime…and often little in the way of positive results.

But, there is a faster, better, more economical way to take charge and become a happier, more confident parent.

600-03682186I’m Shannon Anderson, and I am passionate about training parents of 3 to 12 year old children on how to effectively deal with their defiant children’s behavior issues. What makes my work so enjoyable and satisfying is working with families in order to help parents gain the skills to regain control of their homes and start enjoying a more rewarding relationship with their children. I run my coaching practice with my wife, Stephanie Anderson.

We’re both highly trained and experienced coaches. And, we’re parents just like you. We have a young daughter and enjoy family and outdoor activities, like hiking and fishing.

How We’re Quicker and Better at Helping Your Family

Our mission is to change the way people parent their defiant child.

Becoming a great parent with children who behave and solve problems on their own does not happen by accident or chance. We believe that you need to be taught specific skills and techniques that help make you more successful in eliminating misbehavior, punishing much less but more effectively, and be all-around happier.

I am Certified as a Parent Management Training Clinician in the Kazdin Method™ (KPMT) and Stephanie has been trained in KPMT, which is one of the primary Evidence-Based Treatment techniques to assist parents of children from 3 to 12 years old with oppositional, aggressive, and antisocial behaviors. Unlike other methods you may have encountered, the Kazdin Method is based on over three decades of rigorous research, not just opinions. For you, that means that the concrete skills we teach parents using the Kazdin Method have been proven to be effective time-and-time-again.

father-and-sonWhen you work with us, you’ll learn skills to encourage the positive behavior and how to reinforce those behaviors. You will also learn how to punish much less often but more effectively, deliver consistent consequences, and much more. You’ll discover the right approach to be caring and gentle, not requiring you to treat your child in any way that you might find inappropriate. During these sessions, we’ll help you practice the techniques and act out the parts of parent and child—so that you will be completely comfortable using these new methods on your own child at home.

We work with you to focus on the benefits to you. At all times our objectives are to foster stronger parent-child relationships, happy families, confident parents who know how to handle almost any defiant behavioral challenge…quickly, effectively and calmly.

With our one-on-one parent coaching, we will provide you with the parenting tools you need to eliminate misbehavior and bring out the positive behaviors you want. At Behavioral Management Coaching, we promise a lifetime of rewarding relationships with your child. Let us show you how.