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“The day I decided I couldn’t take it anymore, I was parked along the side of the road with my daughter literally kicking the back of my seat because she didn’t want to sit in the car seat. We were so restrained with our daughter’s behaviors that we could barely leave the house with her. With the Behavior Management Coaching program, we learned to identify what was causing her behavior problems in the first place. Sometimes her behaviors were easily prevented with some simple changes in our routines. I’m happy to say that I haven’t been kicked in the back of the car seat in quite a while!”
~ Bryan from Illinois

“My son’s behaviors were terrible. His tantrums were so loud that the neighbors called the police on me one time. I was so embarrassed. What made things worse was that my son spent a lot of time with my parents, and they spoiled him rotten. No matter what discipline plan I used, they would undermine me and the whole thing would be a waste of time. Stephanie didn’t just help me get my son’s behaviors under control. She also helped me develop a plan to talk to my parents about the discipline program. And when they started undermining me again, she helped me figure out ways to get buy-in from them. Now we’re all on the same page and my son’s behavior problems are dramatically better.”
~ Kayla from North Carolina

“It is nice to have another perspective on managing our children’s behavior problems. We have thre
e children ages 8, 7 and 5 and all three are totally different. I have noticed that we have become more aware of how we are reacting to them and that our yelling has decreased. We are trying to provide a more calm outward appearance.”
~ Bill and Susan from Missouri

“Before this program [Jump Start] I was so frustrated with my 8 year old son that it was starting to affect my job and even my relationship with my husband. The house was just so negative—nobody liked spending time together. Now, 6 weeks later, we actually enjoy having a family game night.”
~ Lynn from New York


“I’ll admit, I was skeptical when I set up the call. I’ve tried time outs, behavior charts, grounding and everything else you can imagine to deal with my son’s defiant behavior. I was desperate when I found BMC and arranged the free call. At the end of the call, I felt like someone really understood what I was going through. I just finished my 3rd session and the results are amazing!”
~ Megan from Oregon

“Our grandson had already been kicked out of 2 daycares when we began coaching with Stephanie. If we couldn’t get his behaviors under control and soon, he was going to get kicked out of his 3rd daycare. Stephanie showed us that how we were raised (get punished for doing something bad) was never going to work with our defiant grandson. She helped us learn to look for the positive things he was doing and effectively praise those things. Over time he began doing more of the positive things and less of the bad behaviors. One day he came home from daycare with an award for the “Most Improved.” He was so proud of himself!”
~ Tim and Daisy from Colorado