What All Defiant Children Wish Their Parents Knew

What if your child’s acting out comes from one miscommunication that can be fixed almost overnight?

       It’s remarkable how fast a child’s behavior can transform. I’ve seen countless “problem children” turn to angels right before my eyes.

       Because even though we adults might hold grudges for years, our children are lightning quick to forgive— and change.

       My name is Stephanie Anderson. Along with my husband Shannon, we specialize in teaching parents simple concepts that radically change the way their children behave. We’ve helped literally hundreds of parents build loving, relaxed, trusting and peaceful relationships with their children.

       And although every single child is unique (and so are the parents), we’ve noticed one crucial fact…

Our children become how we look at them.

        One of my clients came to me, distraught, after yelling at her son. She’d been working on an important project on the computer for work the next day. Her son turned the computer off, causing her to lose all her hard work.

        She scolded him harshly and sent him to bed with no dinner. The next day she came home to a hand-drawn apology card. After speaking to her son, she found out he’d turned the computer off because he thought it would save power— she had just taught him to turn the lights off the week before for the same reason.

More often than we’d like to admit it, our child’s “misbehavior” is OUR problem— not theirs!

       My client is now much more patient and always gives her son the benefit of the doubt. And they have a beautiful and loving relationship together.

       But not all parents and children are so lucky. Tragically often, “bad” behavior stems from a major overreaction or oversight by the parent. The child is blamed for something they never did. They feel wronged— and rightly so. A pattern of distrust, fear and rebellion emerges.

       Over time these patterns harden and become core parts of our children’s personalities. And although they can be changed very quickly as children, it can take years of hard work to change them as adults (if it’s even possible at all).

Whether they know it or not, ALL “good parents” look at their children the same way.

       The good news is that your child’s behavior can be changed in an instant, if you decide to change the way you look at them.

       When a child bumps their heads, they may start crying. But with some comfort and a kiss from mom, they’re smiling and laughing immediately.

       And while even the best children—with the best parents—will misbehave, it does not have to be a source of stress for you. It does not have to create a divide.

       In fact, the same behavior that makes you hopping mad today, will make you laugh as soon as you grasp this “peaceful parent” mindset.

Because you’ll see your child’s “misbehavior” as an act of love… and your relationship (and their behavior) will change.

       My clients pay me $100/hr for coaching. And by far one of the most common issues we discuss is defiant, misbehaving children.

       These are good kids who are causing their parents tons of trouble— and the parents don’t know why. Shortly into the call though, we always find an event that was misinterpreted. It seemed like bad behavior at the time, but it really wasn’t at all.

       This is caused by a well-intentioned but dead-wrong parenting mindset that 90% of parents have. And it leads to looking at your child wrongly. Over time this leads to more misbehavior and more wrong assumptions.

       When we switch that mindset with a much better and more realistic one, something crazy happens— the child’s behavior changes. And the parents’ lives do too.

“At the end of the call, I felt like someone really understood what I was going through. I just finished my 3rd session and the results are amazing!”

 ~ Megan from Oregon

       We wish we could go through this with every parent in the world. We learn just as much as they do.

       But our time is limited. Our rates are high. And we’re already booked with clients. Still, we wanted a way to give this incredible mindset to any parent who needs it. We wanted it to be totally affordable, easy and quick to read, and instantly practical.

       So we set to work putting all the knowledge from consulting hundreds of parents into a guide.


Defeat Defiance: A Parent’s Guide to Stopping Arguments & Getting the Respect You Deserve!

“I can’t believe how much my child’s behavior has changed in such a short amount of time. I am so much less stressed than before I started the program.”

~ Mindy from North Carolina

       This book is guaranteed to give you the mindset that will literally transform your child’s behavior. Often overnight. Because a funny thing happens when you stop viewing your child’s behavior as “wrong”…

You like spending time with your child a lot more, and magically… they stop misbehaving!

       This guide is short and sweet, but holds nothing back. At the same time it’s not a “magic bullet”. This is a workbook with homework exercises designed to radically and permanently change the way you see your child.

       It will take some effort on your part. So it’s not for everyone. But the results are more than worth it. How would you like to have the relationship with your child that you dream of? One that makes your life much easier and gets them out of time out?

       In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • The Total Mindset SHIFT. How to view your child in a way that changes their behavior practically overnight. Try this just once and see what happens (you’ll be shocked).
  • How your child’s behavior has 100% to do with YOU, not them— and why this is great news.
  • How society can condition your child to misbehave. And how to protect them from being manipulated.
  • The little things that make a big difference. Problems will happen with your child. But by noticing when you’re annoyed—even just a little—you can regroup, change your mindset quickly and do the right thing.
  • What you absolutely should not do when your child is misbehaving. And how to reverse the toxic and life-changing affects if you’ve accidentally already done it.
  • What actually makes a “good parent”, why some people are “born with it”, and how you can get it seemingly overnight.
  • How to win your child’s total trust by being their biggest cheerleader. (This gets to the bottom of why your child lies and nips it in the bud.)
  • The “one-two” combination that’ll change even the most defiant child into the real sweetheart you know they are. Do this enough times and your child will love behaving.
  • The secret to why compliments don’t change your child’s behavior, and how to praise them in ways that does.
  • The right way to reward your child. You can’t give them everything they want. But you can give rewards your children will love, that will encourage good behavior. How to do that is inside.
  • The easy trick that turns one of the most used—and least effective—parenting techniques on its head, transforming your child’s behavior so quick you’ll be shocked.
  • How to plant seeds starting today that will lead your child to better behavior in the short-term, and quality life skills in the future.
  • How to not only get your child to listen to you, but love hearing your advice. As your child ages they need to know they can count on you. Here’s how to get that bond started right.
  • Why classic discipline techniques not only don’t work, but actually destroy trust and ruin your relationship with your child over time.
  • And more…

So how much does it cost? Again, we charge $100/hr for individual consulting calls. But this guide is far less. In fact, you can learn all of this—and totally transform your relationship with your child—for just $7.

And I’m so confident that this guide will work for you that

If you don’t see a total transformation in your child’s behavior after trying it out, email me within 60 days of purchase for a full refund – no questions asked.


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“Before this program I was so frustrated with my 8 year old son that it was starting to affect my job and even my relationship with my husband. The house was just so negative---nobody liked spending time together. Now, 6 weeks later, we actually enjoy having a family game night.”

~ Lynn from New York

       The relationship you have with your child can—and should—be rewarding, loving and peaceful. If it isn’t right now, this guide will put you on track faster than you probably thought possible.

       Make the decision now to start a new relationship with your child moving forward today.

       To great parenting and loving kids.

       Stephanie and Shannon, Parent Coaches at Behavior Management Coaching

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P.S.S. So many parents regret damaging their relationships with their children early on. Because it can be almost impossible to recover later. Don’t live with this kind of regret. Act now.


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