Insider Member Levels

Need some extra support with the hardest job in the world? …Parenting

That’s what our ‘Insiders’ membership program is all about. It has two levels to meet the needs of every parent.

Insiders Level (Only $17 Monthly)

First, all our ‘Insiders’ members get weekly Premium Content.

In the Weekly released Parenting Video Modules and Supplemental Materials, you’ll learn the nuts-and-bolts of what it takes to be a GREAT parent 🙂

Learn these and other important skills required to be the best Parent you can be:

  • Focus on the Positive
  • Effective Praise
  • Using Behavior Charts
  • Rewards that Work
  • Age-Appropriate Discipline
  • Choices
  • Natural Consequences & Logical Consequences
  • Using Time Outs
  • Positive Communication
  • Just Play!
  • Plus….Many more!

Second, the Bonus Content includes premium guides like:

  • The subtle signs that your child is being bullied that you were never taught. Your child might not come home with a black eye— yet that doesn’t mean they’re not being picked on. Bullying in school is one of the biggest factors that determine your child’s self-worth and confidence. What’s worse, if you don’t catch it… they won’t trust you— even if they never tell you what’s really going on.
  • How to finally have your child love healthy routines, like making their bed, putting their dishes away, and doing their homework calmly in the evening after they get home from school.
  • How to calmly and easily manage sibling rivalry so it works for your children instead of against them. Sibling rivalry is normal. However if it goes too far, it creates real resentment that can last a lifetime. Not if you do this.

And premium video training on topics like:

  • How to set up our simple “homework reward system” that actually has your child to loving their homework.
  • The motivation solution that teaches your children the value of being “go-getters” in the real world. This may be the single most important thing your child learns in their entire childhood.

Join our Insiders Membership Program Now (Only $17 Monthly)…


Want Personalized Guidance from Expert Parent Coaches and Support from a Community of Parents just like You at an Affordable Price?

Introducing…Premium “Gold Level” Insiders! (Only $47 Monthly)

We’ve recently opened an “invite only” group on Facebook that includes only Insiders members who have upgraded to the “Gold Level” package.

If you’re a Premium “Gold Level” Insiders Member, you’ll have 24-7 access to the Private, Members-Only Facebook Group.

In this friendly community of parents following the same path as you all over the world, you’ll form friendships, get help from the other members – and our staff will be there to answer your most challenging Parenting questions too!

So whether you need some accountability, motivation, the help and guidance of knowledgeable experts, or just somebody to chat with, simply post in this private group for that extra personal touch and professional support.

Join our Premium “Gold Level” Insiders Membership Program Now (Only $47 Monthly)…