It’s 5 minutes before you need to leave for work.  You’re already frazzled before you even leave the house.  For the past 30 minutes, you’ve been beggingpleadingthreatening…everything short of DRAGGING (Well, maybe even that…) Andrew out of bed, into his clothes, and out the door for school.

This is just another day in parenting PARADISE, right?  Yeah, those stressful morning battles that you face when dealing with your Oppositional Defiant Child are just the beginning.  What about the horrible shopping trips?  Tired of the shame, embarrassment, and exhaustion that accompanies seemingly every trip to the store?  Sick and tired of feeling JUDGED by everyone who watches your child scream and yell and humiliate you in public?  Yeah, it seems like everyone has an opinion…

But OPINIONS don’t fix Defiant Behaviors!!!

Hey, I’m preaching to the choir here, right?  You’ve tried it all…

  • Time Outs
  • Grounding
  • Taking away Video Games (Hey, who are we trying to punish here?)
  • Early bedtimes

And spankings, threats, begging & pleading don’t work either.

They don’t work for you and they don’t work for COUNTLESS other exhausted, humiliated, and frustrated parents just like you.  So why do you and so many other intelligent, caring parents continue to bang their head against the wall with ineffective strategies?

You wanna know why?  It’s not because the time outs, grounding, or early bedtimes are flawed.  It’s far BIGGER than that.  It’s because you, like almost every other caring, competent parent out there, operates from a Parenting Mindset that is shaped by our culture telling us that the way to discipline is to catch people doing bad things and punish them for it.


And yet people keep making poor choices.  Andrew keeps acting out at the store no matter how many different ways you punish him.

Let us be the first to say this to you,

“It’s Not Your Fault!”

You’ve relentlessly tried everything under the sun to get him to listen and be respectful, right?  At least everything under the sun that our culture teaches you to manage negative, unwanted behaviors.

But the Defiance and Disrespectful Behaviors persist…

Hey, at Behavior Management Coaching we’ve heard these same stories so many times we’ve lost count.  But there is a SOLUTION to your constant stress, humiliation, and frustration.

We’ve written a FREE GUIDE that can teach you to shift your Parenting Mindset. You’ll start by laser targeting just one Defiant Behavior so you can start seeing progress in as little as 24 hours!


In our short, easy to read and understand FREE GUIDE, you’ll learn:

  • The first steps in Shifting your Parenting Mindset so you can STOP feeling Embarrassed, Ashamed & Frustrated as a parent once and for all (Why should you have to feel that way? Your child is not being defiant because of you!)
  • The Amazing Parenting Secret that calm, in-control parents use every day without even knowing it!
  • An effective, easy-to-implement Parenting Strategy that you can use TODAY, in your home, with your Defiant Child, to start seeing real results NOW!

Yeah, I know you’re skeptical. And why not? You’ve been struggling with your defiant child forever and still don’t have the respect you deserve as a parent.

“Sure, I’ve been battling my child for YEARS and this little Parenting Guide’s gonna change his behavior in a few days?”

Well maybe not 100% in just a few days, but trust me when I say this…

Every week I hear AMAZING Success Stories from COUNTLESS frustrated parents just like you who tell me these Secret Parenting Strategies do work.

They work so well that more than once I’ve heard them called “Parenting Magic!” These Secret Parenting Strategies have worked for other frustrated parents and they can work for YOU!

You’ve got nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.  You’re seconds away from the Parenting Mindset shift that will be the turning point in your relationship with your Defiant Child.

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