Defeat Defiance: A Parent’s Guide To Stopping Arguments & Getting the Respect You Deserve! 

defeatdefiance3dWhat if your child’s acting out comes from one miscommunication that can be fixed almost overnight?

This book is guaranteed to give you the mindset that will literally transform your child’s behavior. Often overnight. Because a funny thing happens when you stop viewing your child’s behavior as “wrong”…

You like spending time with your child a lot more, and magically… they stop misbehaving! 

Defeat Defiance Guide


Temper Tantrums Workshop

Are you sick of being stressed out and worried that your child will explode whenever you go out in public?

How To Instantly Stop Volcanic Temper Tantrums That Embarrass You And Your Child In 15 Seconds Or Less… And Permanently Stop Them From Happening In The Future. (Works In Public And Private)

Temper Tantrums Workshop